Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 81

CHAPTER 3 • Using an economy of words for the most effective instruction Only Peak Pilates offers ongoing implementation and programming support every step of the way, from initial consultation and business planning to post-training follow-up and marketing support. • Providing practical solutions to assist each student’s progression by giving them the tools they need to not only succeed, but to excel on their own path We want to awaken a passion. We strive to bring you professional fulfillment and personal achievement because — to us — it is about so much more than getting a certificate. It is about shaping people whose strength, balance and well–being start at their core. At Peak Pilates , instructors learn how to teach and motivate effectively — not just to recite exercises. All of our courses provide personalized coaching and support that accelerate teaching skills. Our manuals and DVDs were created to be thorough resources that will grow with instructors throughout the years. ® With Peak Pilates education, we empower instructors to achieve the highest standards of fitness and become thoughtful, confident and responsible leaders in the Pilates community. We encourage instructors to develop their own style, blending their unique talents, skills and creativity with time-tested knowledge of the flow, precision and technique that make our program so effective. After many years of feedback from instructors, we have created the most innovative, all–inclusive programs Instructors learn how to teach — not just recite exercises Peak Pilates is rhythmic, fluid and focused, connecting one movement to the next to build greater strength, flexibility and endurance. Teaching with an integrated, sequenced approach is not only traditional, but also well–balanced and effective. All certification programs are offered through a modular educational pathway, allowing instructors to progress at their own pace. available. From classical Pilates to group programming, we offer multiple options to fit your needs, giving you the power to inspire more people and help them benefit from as well as celebrate the greater strength, flexibility and overall vitality that only Pilates can provide. Our equipment and education packages are designed to allow you to start small and grow your program as it increases in popularity, keeping it fresh, fun and dynamic. 81 PEAK PILATES ®