Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 80

EDUCATION Our philosophy is focused on holistic development and conditioning of the body, mind and spirit through movement. EDUCATION INSTRUCTORS The Best Pilates Education Worldwide Instructors with Integrity, Intuition and Inspiration We're passionate about Pilates and firmly believe in its transformational power and ability to positively impact the lives of every practitioner. We are enthusiastic about helping instructors who are inspired by the same mission and dedicated to learning classical Pilates. Whether you are seeking a classical, comprehensive instructor education or want to deliver dynamic, effective Pilates group classes, Peak Pilates will prepare you to become an exemplary instructor. We will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to profoundly change the lives of your students. Our programs emphasize: We strive to deliver the very best Pilates instructor education program in the world. Our comprehensive instructor certification is rooted in classical Pilates, unfolding the dynamic rhythms and flow through intelligent teaching. Our philosophy focuses on holistic development and conditioning of the body, mind and spirit through movement. A systematic, sequential order guided by this philosophy creates a mindful, effective and well-balanced approach to the body. We believe that transitioning fluidly from exercise to exercise creates graceful, efficient and beautiful movement. • Classical body positioning, exercise technique and alignment tools The Peak Pilates Certification programs offer a myriad of programming options for both group sessions and private instruction. Our instructors offer classes on the mat, reformer or tower, and utilize Peak Pilates’ proprietary session format to combine all three for an integrated and systematic total-body workout. ® • Teaching with authority and confidence, but without losing the human touch that is so important to our program • The Pilates Principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flowing movement • Proper progression strategy for a variety of body types • The systematic and integrated order of exercises designed for optimal student progression • Accurate assessments of students’ strengths, needs, abilities and preferred learning style • Teaching a body in motion through verbal and tactile cues 80 PEAK PILATES ®