Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 7

THE PILATES STORY Our story begins with the life of Joseph H. Pilates. Growing up in 19th century Germany, Joseph Pilates was often ill. He suffered from a host of conditions, including asthma and rheumatic fever, that made him seem sickly and frail. The exercises gave students extraordinary mastery of their own bodies. Pilates moved to the United States in 1925, and his system soon earned the loyalty of many renowned ballet dancers such as Martha Graham and George Balanchine. But he refused to let his ailments define him. As a teenager, he trained himself in yoga, weight training and martial arts, to become stronger both physically and mentally. For more than one hundred years, the work of Joseph Pilates, his wife Clara and their early followers have been transforming the bodies and lives of millions of enthusiasts around the world. In 1912, he moved from Germany to England, where he worked as a boxer and self-defense instructor. But as World War I raged across Europe, he was among the hundreds of German nationals detained in a British internment camp. There, he began to train fellow internees, using the limited materials and space that were available to him. At Peak Pilates , we are continually inspired by Joseph Pilates’ story, and we believe in preserving and advancing his mission. Our equipment is meticulously crafted and built from the finest materials. We stay true to Joseph Pilates’ exact specifications while applying the latest scientific research and technology to make each apparatus as smooth and effective as possible. We want our instructors to become extraordinary teachers and ambassadors of the Pilates system. Peak Pilates accepts all students both into their classes and into their hearts. ® With Pilates' instruction, bedridden patients could strengthen their muscles using the resistance of their own bodies and springs from their hospital beds. He studied the movements of animals in nature and drew on his knowledge of yoga and gymnastics to refine a system of exercises that allows practitioners to gain strength and endurance that stems from the human core. Whether our students are beginners or elite athletes, we carry out our mission in the same way Joseph Pilates carried out his: with respect for the practice, love of the student, and an unwavering belief in the power of every human body. He called his technique “Contrology” because it was just that: a wholistic workout that required mindful control of both muscle and breath. 7 PEAK PILATES ®