Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 63

CHAPTER 2 WALL SYSTEM PILATESSTICK® Our wall system with deluxe upgrades gives you a cost-effective way to perform a full range of Pilates Cadillac exercises in areas with limited space. It is also great for beginners and provides a greater challenge to simple floor exercises. The Pilatesstick is a professional-grade portable body sculpting system that allows you to do much of the work usually reserved for the tower. It makes traditional mat Pilates exercises even more intense and is ideal for studio or home use. WALL SYSTEM INCLUDES: PILATESSTICK INCLUDES: • Stainless steel pole system with galvanized canopy • Pilatesstick • Pilatesstick bag • Hardwood push-through and roll down bars • Pilatesstick mat • Foam door anchor • Foot/hand loops (pair) • Exercise Guide • Sleeved resistance tubing • Complete spring system: two arm springs, two leg springs, two push-though springs, one spring sleeve • Online exercise library ® • Foot straps • Two safety chains 63 PEAK PILATES ®