Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 53

CHAPTER 2 JOHN COOK Vice President of Design What is your design philosophy? Always focus on the experience first and look to design the outcome. The details that make it through that filter will always percolate to the top. In the case of our Peak Pilates equipment, that focus has everything to do with the classical work and designing products that will enhance the already wonderful experience of Pilates ® What inspires you? Our people inspire me every day. I am always inspired to hear about how we touched their journeys and how they progress while using our equipment. What do people need to know about Peak Pilates equipment? We work with a passionate group of expert Pilates professionals that inform and inspire our Peak Pilates equipment. We strive to insure that our products reflect that passion through design and craftsmanship. What does Peak Pilates mean to you? In the product sense, Peak Pilates is about bringing quality, hand-crafted equipment to the Pilates community. For me personally, Peak Pilates is about enabling the classical work with equipment that is more approachable and inviting to students and instructors alike. 53 PEAK PILATES ® What makes Peak Pilates unique? There is an incredibly dedicated group of people behind everything we make at Peak Pilates, from education and programs through design and manufacturing. They are all passionate about bringing the best Pilates experience to our users.