Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 30

EQUIPMENT MVE® REFORMER Our metal equipment, the Maximum Versatility Exercise line (MVe ) combines the percision-built quality of our classical wood line with the innovative, space-saving solutions designed for studios. Our sleek aluminum reformer has all the features and quality of our wood reformers, plus a stacking or “nesting” capability of up to four units that doesn't require the removal of any parts. Keep the magnificent workout while saving on time and space. REFORMER INCLUDES: ® • Powder-coated aluminum frame • Three-position headrest • Four-position footbar with safety latch • Four-position gear system • Five-spring system • Retractable risers and shoulder blocks We also offer an additional tower option so that reformer/tower/mat work can all be performed in one unit. • Integrated side split platform • Adjustable ropes and double loops (pair) • Non-slip pad • Gear block 30 PEAK PILATES ®