Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 25

CHAPTER 2 THE AFINA™ + TOWER Continuing the process, we created an entirely new tower system with our Afina™ reformer. This tower provides maximum versatility and expanded exercise options for a total integrated workout that incorporates much of the traditional Cadillac repertoire as well as other functional training exercises. The new tower is made from a proprietary aluminum extrusion and soft contour frame to allow simultaneous use on both the front and back sides. TOWER FEATURES: With all the options of a half Cadillac while only taking up the space of a reformer, the tower system upgrade adds many exercises of the Cadillac and mat repertoire in addition to use as a reformer. • Includes a roll down bar • Four inside and four outside sliding adjustments with holes make spring adjustment quick and accurate for every user • The push-through bar can be easily adjusted to three different heights • Wood inserts on the tower are made to match the reformer • Complete spring system: two arm springs, two leg springs, one push-through bar spring, and one spring sleeve • Twin mat system 25 PEAK PILATES ®