Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 19

CHAPTER 2 Studio Wood Line Our studio wood line is designed exactly the way Joseph Pilates envisioned it. Each piece is hand-crafted out of solid wood or sustainable bamboo and built exactly to Joseph Pilates’ original design and specifications. Constructed with beauty, function and tradition in mind, the equipment allows for the body to naturally flow through the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates. Our studio wood line includes the reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair, high/low combo chair and high ladder barrel, as well as additional auxiliary equipment and accessories such as the spine corrector, ped-o-pul and foot corrector. Our classical Afina™ reformer combines state-of-the-art technology with elegant design and unparalleled performance. We also offer slightly evolved versions of the original apparatus with added functionality and advancements, like our Total Workout System, a reformer/half Cadillac combination, our Sportsmed™ line and our Cadi llac convertible. Newest to our line of evolved apparatus is the Afina tower system. We also offer options and customizations for every client to allow for optimal comfort and adjustability, making our equipment a perfect fit for all body types. Metal Line In 2006, we developed an innovative line of metal equipment to support the emerging popularity and growth of Pilates. With the intention of making Pilates accessible, space-efficient and cost-effective for all studios and practitioners, we created an ingenious new line of portable, stackable equipment that was both inspired by the traditional wood designs and maintains to our high standards for quality. We envisioned this versatile line as the perfect solution for small group equipment classes, studios and health clubs, giving even more people the chance to experience the remarkable effects of traditional Pilates. In developing the metal line, we placed strict focus on keeping dimensions and functionality accurate to maintain the efficacy of the traditional Pilates classical flow. We offer a variety of options in this line, from our fit™ reformer that stacks both horizontally and vertically, to our patented PPS Deluxe, the only reformer and tower solution on the market that folds up for easy storage and moving. The MVe chair allows for increased portability as well as easy usage, making it ideal for small group settings. Our sleek metal line makes our Peak Pilates equipment fit the needs of your space and your clients. ® ® All of the products in our wood line are constructed with meticulous care in Longmont, Colorado. “With the Afina reformer, innovation was really about an evolution and refinement of form within the context of a classical Peak Pilates reformer.” ™ ® JOHN COOK VICE PRESIDENT OF DESIGN 19 PEAK PILATES ®