Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 117

JOHN BAUDHUIN CEO, MAD DOGG ATHLETICS, INC. Why did you want to bring Peak Pilates into the Mad Dogg Athletics family? What does Peak Pilates stand for? ® ® As a manufacturer, our goal has always been to design and produce the highest quality products that function as great as they look while staying true to our traditional heritage. As one of the world’s largest fitness and wellness education companies, we strive to provide a comprehensive collection of education and programming that helps professionals continually grow. In two words: unsurpassed quality. When we created Spinning and the indoor cycling category, we quickly realized the importance of instruction and programming to creating a great experience on our bikes. While Pilates is clearly different than our Spinning program, we recognized some of the same opportunities to make the best equipment and marry it with the best education programs in the industry. ® What makes Peak Pilates meaningfully different? What does Peak Pilates bring to Mad Dogg? How does it diversify the company? The symbiotic relationship between equipment and education means neither can be developed in a vacuum, so it’s our deep understanding of the importance of balance between the two that sets us apart. Every piece of equipment we make starts with a collaborative effort between our engineering and design team and the professionals that bring our products to life. More than ever, different fitness and training programs compete for relevance in an increasingly competitive world. We had a front row seat to how Spinning changed the health and fitness landscape, and we felt that our core principles and expertise could help Pilates professionals and studios provide the types of result-driven experiences that keep participants engaged and get the most out of their Pilates practice. Do you practice Pilates? Yes. After hanging around our Peak Pilates Master Instructor team, I realize how much room I have to grow. Spinning and Peak Pilates are two different worlds in fitness. How do you connect the other brands to Pilates? Although Peak Pilates is different than any of our other brands, they are all connected through our goal of creating great experiences and outcomes through exceptional equipment, education and programming. ® 117 PEAK PILATES ®