Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 11

PEAK PILATES ® STORY 20 years ago, Peak Pilates was born in the majestic mountains surrounding Boulder, Colorado. The company was created out of dual inspirations: the pristine beauty of the mountains, and the timeless designs and movement principles created by Joseph Pilates. Today, we bring those influences together, offering the world’s most elegant Pilates equipment and unparalleled instructor education. We have also created the very best Pilates instructor education system in the world. Our comprehensive instructor certification covers the full breadth of traditional Pilates, while also leaving room for more contemporary exercises, flows and teaching styles. We focus not just on content, but on communication, meeting each instructor wherever they are on their journey and helping them grow into the best teacher they can be. We lead and support the Pilates community, offering a full range of equipment, education, space assessments, high-quality programming, marketing support and customer service to individual teachers, facilities and participants around the world. ® As Pilates instructors ourselves, we know first hand that the quality, character and motility of the equipment ultimately shapes the Pilates experience for both instructor and student. Using only the finest materials, including traditional wood, sustainable bamboo and modern metals, we honor Joseph Pilates’ original designs—deliberately including only those components that we believe will preserve and bolster the integrity of authentic Pilates exercises. We want to bring the greatness of Pilates to the world and, in doing so, elevate the Peak Pilates community to an inspiring new level of health and vitality. “Pilates is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.” JOSEPH PILATES 11 PEAK PILATES ®