Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 109

CHAPTER 5 ANA CABAN the shapes and lines, and the essence of classical Pilates, everything else that you learn and apply will come with greater ease and understanding. Peak Pilates Master Instructor and Key Accounts Sales Representative ® What makes Peak Pilates instructor education unique? Peak Pilates instructor education is thorough and based in the true essence of what Joseph Pilates considered to be his method. I love how our comprehensive program is divided up into three levels. This allows individuals to advance in their education as it suits their schedule, lifestyle and learning pace. As opposed to trainings where students must learn all Pilates exercises at once, the Peak way enables you to learn what you would actually need to teach a beginning client, an intermediate client, and eventually a more advanced client. Our Peak Pilates instructors actually grow with the program. They have time to internalize the exercises and teaching methodology before they are asked to learn more advanced exercises. What makes working with Peak Pilates different? ® Working for Peak Pilates is fun! Since I’m a long-time customer and ambassador for Peak Pilates, as well as a Pilates-lover, oftentimes it doesn’t feel like work. The Peak Pilates global presence and support team make it easy for me to share our amazing products and programming. ® How does the quality, character and movement of the equipment shape the experience for both Pilates instructors and students? Peak Pilates equipment is truly in a class of its own. The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail placed on each and every piece of Pilates equipment goes above and beyond any other Pilates equipment manufacturer on the market. Our equipment is easy to use and maintain, and the “ride” of our reformers is simply superior. It’s smooth and solid. All of these things make owning and using Pilates equipment just plain better. What are the principles that Peak Pilates stands for? Peak Pilates stands for authenticity, solid craftsmanship, superior quality and service, integrity, and partnership. At Peak Pilates, we are here for you! “After teaching through a non-Peak Pilates education program for 8 years, I never thought I would take classical training and be passionate about it, until I learned from Ana Caban. I received my Peak Pilates Level I certification and I look forward to taking level II and continuing the Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification Pathway. Ana inspired me on all levels. She believed in me, drew a plan, took my hand and made me believe in myself!” How does Peak Pilates cover the full breadth of traditional Pilates yet still leave room for individual teaching styles? The Peak Pilates education system is classical and thorough. It takes out the “mysticism” that is often associated with Pilates and provides a solid foundation for Pilates education, which allows you to make it your own with your personality, back ground and experience. I equate learning classical Pilates with learning ballet and other types of dance. Once you understand the history, Dima Alakhras Pilates Coordinator, Life Time Athletic, Toronto, Canada 109 PEAK PILATES