Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 108

GLOBAL GLOBALEVENTS EVENTSAND & COMMUNIT COMMUNIT YY AGNES SIMONFI In what ways do Peak Pilates events like Pilates Empowerment Summit (PES) benefit your career and enhance your knowledge? Peak Pilates Master Instructor and Owner of Ágipilates in Hungary ® At a convention like PES, the best professionals are invited to present. These events provide a condensed learning opportunity which you can immediately take back home to your clients. Can you tell us about your favorite experience in which a Peak Pilates training benefited a student? ® What makes Peak Pilates education unique? Since I have been teaching Pilates for 12 years, I have many favorites! One client came to our Pilates and lifestyle camp and lost 6 pounds. She became pregnant immediately after weeks and months of trying for a child. I’m grateful that I have a lot of similar stories in my practice — all little miracles achieved with Peak Pilates training that have changed lives. Our comprehensive approach. It’s not only mat or just the reformer; it’s the system which helps them see and understand the connections among the apparatus and the exercises better. If they own this approach, their Pilates eye develops really quickly and they can see and judge properly what a body needs. What is your favorite part about working with Peak Pilates? Do you have any advice for people considering taking up Pilates for the first time? I love the thoroughness of our materials, which enable the trainers to be professionally prepared to stand with confidence at each and every course. I also appreciate that whenever I have a question, I can always ask and get the answer almost immediately. Pick a highly qualified instructor. It matters a lot and influences the pace of progress. Then be patient with your body. If you have the will and desire to progress, your body will react and adapt amazingly fast. Be consistent and systematic with your training, and that means do it on bad days too. Trust the process and, over time, you will see the wonderful transformation of your body! How does Peak Pilates equipment and education diversify your education center? In Hungary, there are only a few, really well-equipped Pilates studios. Mine was the first, fully-equipped classical Pilates studio in the whole country when we opened in 2007. Most of the studios have only reformers, so having the whole range of high-quality Peak Pilates apparatus is already a big diversification factor. Why would you recommend Peak Pilates over other Pilates education programs? The Peak Pilates education program is very mindfully and progressively designed, making the journey of becoming an instructor feasible and enjoyable. It conveys the method in a crystal-clear, logical manner, taking the guesswork out of the teaching part. This can be accounted for our Five-Part Formula for Success and our teaching methodology. 108 PEAK PILATES