Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 107

CHAPTER 5 “Jolie started to take Pilates from me after she experienced a personal, life-changing tragedy,” Missy adds. “She agreed to start learning Pilates and was a natural. She now speaks Pilates fluently!” These mothers and daughters also cherish the community and instructor network that Peak Pilates has provided all over the world. “Jolie didn't limit her experiences to just learning from me.” Missy adds. “Kim Barrett was also a big influence, as were the many trainers she learned from in her travels around the US and Europe.” Pilates has proven to aid the health of every practitioner, even Master Instructors like Carly. “Carly has physical and health concerns that can be tricky to work around when she isn’t feeling well,” says Connie. “At the same time, Carly needs to stay active and in good physical shape in order to keep her symptoms to a minimum. The Peak Pilates system gives me — and her — a great foundation of knowledge and teaching skills that enable us to work with her own individual needs.” “Mom has a way of challenging movement and teaching strategies while always affirming capability,” says Connie. “The structured progression of Peak Pilates does the same—I always know where I’m at, what I am striving towards, and I always feel the rewards of dedicated work.” With Peak Pilates, these six women not only grow closer to their students and to the power of movement, but also to each other as mothers and daughters. We remain committed to seeing our practice grow in the generations to come. ® Although they may have different styles and approaches to their process, they all share the same philosophy of bringing the latest breakthroughs in exercise science to the classical method of Joseph Pilates. “At Peak Pilates, we care about more than just anatomy and technique,” affirms Kathryn. “We help teachers understand why and how the Pilates method works as a movement system, while also providing instructors a teaching methodology that enabled them to share the method in a very effective manner.” ABOVE: Zoey Trap & Kathryn Coyle at PES 107 PEAK PILATES