Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 106

GLOBAL EVENTS AND COMMUNIT Y MEET OUR MOTHER & DAUGHTER MASTER INSTRUCTORS ZOEY TRAP & KATHRYN COYLE MISSY NOLL & JOLIE NOLL CONNIE BORHO & CARLY BORHO PEAK PILATES MASTER INSTRUCTORS For nearly a century, Pilates has been transforming lives around the globe. The practice of Joseph Pilates has extended across oceans and cultures to improve the fitness and wellbeing of practitioners. At Peak Pilates , we strive to bring the power of movement to everyone, regardless of ages or ability. And there is no greater proof of our commitment to connecting and improving lives than our trio of mother-daughter Master Instructors. Carly Borho was also inspired to start Pilates from her mother, Connie. “My mom has always taught me what she knows best,” Carly notes. “She believes in the Peak Pilates system and so shared it with me, then encouraged me to go out and experience Pilates through other teachers.” ® The teaching and support in the Peak Pilates also helped all three mothers and daughters overcome some difficult periods in their lives. Zoey and Kathryn founded The InnerSpace in Avon, Connecticut, and through their hard work and dedication to the craft, their business grew into the largest Pilates studio in the state. When the sold the facility, the future looked uncertain. Kathryn moved to Virginia to become the Regional Pilates Coordinator for LifeTime Fitness in the greater Washington D.C. area, while Zoey moved to South Carolina and became the Team Leader and Senior Program Specialist for Peak Pilates. However, by remaining committed to each other and to the program in spite of the distance between them, they remained strong through this transition. “It seemed like things were in flux, and Peak Pilates helped provide the glue,” Kathryn says. As mothers and daughters, they share a love and passion for each other. With Peak Pilates, they also grow as professionals. Master Instructor Zoey Trap introduced Pilates to her daughter, Kathryn, at a young age, and they have since grown to become master instructors, mentors and business partners. “It keeps us connected,” Zoey says, “Not just in our love of Pilates, but also our love for each other in different ways.” Missy Noll and her daughter Jolie also learn from each other every day. They both earned the title of Peak Pilates Master Instructor and co-own their own studio, The Pines Studio, in Wexford, Pennsylvania. “We literally listen to each other teaching,” Missy says. “Often I will hear Jolie explain something really well and I go, ‘I am totally stealing that!’ And she’ll do the same!” 106 PEAK PILATES