Peak Pilates® 2016 Catalog - Page 105

CHAPTER 5 SOCIAL MEDIA Community Page Instagram Our newly updated community page launched in 2016 and is an important aspect of Peak Pilates . The community section of our website is where you can find articles on teaching advice, Pilates for men, fusion sessions, living a healthy lifestyle, Pilates equipment and more. We want you to feel like you can learn everything you need to know about running a successful business or being a knowledgeable teacher from our site. Our Master Instructor team shares their insight on the site, offering a great way to interact with Master Instructors that you may have never met. Instagram is another social media channel that continues to evolve. We love seeing your amazing pictures, and we regularly share pictures from Peak Pilates headquarters. You can also see snapshots from weekend workshops and events from around the world. ® Twitter We are proud that our Twitter audience continues to grow. On our Twitter account, you will find photos, articles, industry news, sneak peeks of behind-the-scenes action at Peak Pilates and much more! Facebook Our Facebook audience truly reflects our global community. We are proud to have over 73,000 fans worldwide interacting with us on a daily basis. “Like” us on Facebook to stay connected — see pictures from worldwide events and find special offers, Pilates news and interactive contests. Our Facebook page updates regularly, and we love answering questions from our community. The dialogue on our Facebook page keeps the community we have built lively and dynamic. Pinterest We love Pinterest! It’s a great place to not only share equipment and stories, but also find amazing recipes, new workout clothes, delicious treats and much more! We love pinning inspiring images of Pilates from around the world. YouTube Videos are a great way to capture moments, learn new techniques and tell our story. Our YouTube channel continues to grow and we will always be posting more videos. 105 PEAK PILATES