Peachy the Magazine October November 2014 - Page 80

Atlanta EAT.STAY.SHOP.PLAY. Anna Wagner 78 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM EAT Better Half (photo right) My restaurant obsession is with a little place called Better Half. The restaurant is named after the chef’s better half, his wife. She works the hostess stand while the chef (Zach Meloy) is cooking right at the open bar. Pull up a stool and ask him about what he’s adding to the dish. The restaurant was made possible by a kick start campaign after they held private dinners (called Pushstart Kitchen) in their loft in an artist community where they welcomed strangers into their home and cooked for them. We went to Photo: Better Half Anna Zarcone Wagner grew up in Durham, North Carolina and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After college she ventured to Atlanta where she fell in love with the big city life while still being in the South. Anna has spent the last 17 years working in Atlanta radio selling advertising campaigns including on air, events, digital and social media. After meeting Brian Wagner through a radio station event, she married Brian (her best friend) and had two children. In recent years Anna has enjoyed the flexibility of a job share which enables her to stay active in her career yet allows her to be room mom to her kindergartner Sam and spend time with her 2½-year-old daughter Zoe.