Peachy the Magazine October November 2014 - Page 20

Artisan Spotlight SPOTLIGHT: Steve McKenzie Steve McKenzie has been painting for over 15 years. In his current body of work, Steve drew from history by using 19th century French and Czech letters and documents found in flea markets. According to Steve, this inspiration gave him “a chance to capture the thoughts and souls of others that would be lost, were they not present in the work.” Steve starts his beautiful studies of shapes in walnut ink on paper. The studies then inform his larger paintings that are panel-wrapped in Belgian linen. He applies Venetian plaster and dry pigment on the grounds, then builds up layers and sands to create a surface for the painted abstractions. At this point, Steve sometimes includes an old letter or relic and then finishes the painting with wax. “The process of art making is what is meaningful to me. I approach a blank paper, panel or canvas only with an attitude of discovery.” 18 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM