Peachy the Magazine October November 2014 - Page 116

Last Man Standing a review of Beth Macy’s Factory Man A WRITTEN BY Kitty Garner A dark, menacing tempest taunted the southern foothills of Virginia on the night of October 18, 1937. The storm swirled and pitched through the gaps and hollows of the Blue Ridge, and then, as if it had found its mark, hovered and settled over the tiny hamlet of Bassett, Virginia and unleashed its fury—a relentless torrent of rain. The Smith River swelled, crested its banks and rose until its waters rushed across the floors of Mr. J.D. Bassett’s cavernous furniture factories, threatening to ruin not only his company, but his eponymous town as well. Ironically, there was reason for jubilation in the midst of the deluge, for Mr. J.D.’s first grandson was born that same day, and the family furniture dynasty finally had its long-awaited male heir, John D. Bassett III (“JBIII”). From the moment of his birth, the destiny of the third generation scion to the Bassett furniture fortune seemed preordained, as laid out in an exultant letter Mr. J.D. 114 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM