Peachy the Magazine June July 2014 - Page 77

ON THE GO Are there certain childhood experiences or people who have influenced you? My mother has always had wonderfully eclectic taste, and when I was young I tagged along with her to antique shows and flea markets. She rented space at one of the local antique malls and I would love to go with her to “spruce the booth.” Each year, my aunt would give me and my siblings a painting or drawing for our birthday. I liked some more than others, but I learned that each one was special and unique. I think that was how I came to appreciate the amazing effect that original art can have on a space. from Charleston Ghosts and then play truth or dare in the graveyards of the local churches. On the weekends, we went fishing or waterskiing behind Sullivan’s Island, often getting stuck on a sandbank so we had to wait out the tide. We dutifully went to Cotillion every Wednesday, but looked forward to the East Bay dances at Hazel Parker playground on Friday nights. In many ways it was a very normal childhood, but we just didn’t realize how fabulously different it was from growing up in suburbia. What was it like growing up in Charleston? It’s funny, I don’t think I really appreciated how idyllic it was to grow up in the Lowcountry until I left. One of the things about growing up in Charleston that I have really come to appreciate is that the girls were raised to be equally comfortable in chest waders and full duck-hunting camo as we were in our long white gloves and debutante dresses. The fact that my friends and I rode our bike every day to school from the first grade until I got my drivers’ license simply astounds people. But we all did it. We used to read stories JUNE JULY 2014 75