Peachy the Magazine June July 2014 - Page 135

ART + ARCHITECTURE the Sublime… Normal in Charleston Glazed Gourmet (one might consider opting for this pastry when “hair of the dog” is in order, as the primary ingredient in the glaze is Guinness Stout), and the small plates at The Elliotborough Mini-Bar’s Tuesday night Pop-Up would make Pete Wells’ head spin. Kitschy and twee Xiao Bao Biscuit, housed in a former gas station, offers not Southern comfort food, but rather a riff on “Asian Soul Food”, a panoply of fusion dishes inspired by “kick-ass, pan-Asian grandmothers everywhere”, as well as a fab stab at fusion mixology. Try the Sun Wukong, which blends sweet Tequila, chili honey, ginger beer, and fresh pressed apple juice. Although a Glazed Gourmet doughnut is arguably not a piece of art, this unique pastry, along with the other gastronomic offerings cited above, are perhaps apt symbols of what is happening in Charleston, where the quotidian is morphing into the sublime. And it is not just the food that is being crafted with an artistic sensibility…it seems every endeavor is infused with JUNE JULY 2014 133