Peachy the Magazine June July 2014 - Page 134

The Quotidian Morphs into WRITTEN BY Kitty Garner W When Catalonian chef Ferran Adrià, the proprietor of the Costa Brava restaurant elBulli, was selected for inclusion in Documenta (the prestigious art exhibition which pops up in Kassel, Germany every five years), the Michelin star-laden chef was essentially lauded as a contemporary artist using precious locavore veggies, all manner of meats, sundry offal, mysterious edible foams and ribbons, liquid nitrogen and immersion baths as his medium. Although some would argue that Adria, the acclaimed master of molecular gastronomy, is more of a deconstructivist mad scientist than an artist, and that his restaurant was more of a gastronomic laboratory than a cult foodie museum, the Chef-cum-Artist concept has nonetheless blossomed since Adria was lionized in Kassel. Since then no metropolitan venue has seen more cream of culinary genius 132 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM The New rise to the top than seemingly sleepy and certainly charming Charleston, South Carolina. It turns out that this genial Southern town is a charmer with gravitas, and certainly anything but somnolent. Truly, Charleston’s cobbled streets are abuzz, and not just due to the lavender lattes being served up hand-over-fist at Black Tap coffee over on Beaufain Street. Even The Guardian in London and Le Monde in Paris have taken note of Charleston boîtes, and Mike Latta (FIG and The Ordinary), Josh Keeler (Two Boroughs Larder), Jere ZXZ