Peachy the Magazine June July 2014 - Page 120

In Search of Hippocrates H WRITTEN BY Dr. Nancy Palermo Lietz Healthcare has become challenging for patients and healthcare providers. They should be the navigators of the system but because medicine has been taken over by corporations, medical care has been taken out of their hands. Costs are skyrocketing and the health of patients is declining despite a tremendous increase in spending. It is estimated that Americans will pay more than a billion dollars each year in healthcare costs. The increase in healthcare spending is multifactorial. New technology is expensive and there is a push to incorporate it even though the necessity is unclear. Doctors order unnecessary tests and perform expensive procedures in attempts to regain lost revenue and satisfy patient’s requests. If drugs, procedures and tests are new, patients believe they need them. 118 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM Doctors are not always using their expertise to counsel them otherwise. Pharmaceutical sales continue to be one of the leading drivers of increased spending and hospital costs have increased ten-fold. The corporate transition in medicine has significantly damaged the physicians’ role. He is no longer the conductor orchestrating how care should be played out but now he is simply the musician playing what is placed in front of him. The doctor-patient relationship has declined due to time constraints and the increase in the number of patients requiring care. Physicians are paid less by outcomes and success is measured by a dollar amount. Doctors can no longer provide the care they want for their patients. Patients feel they receive rushed, impersonalized care in less