Peachy the Magazine June July 2014 - Page 119

HEALTH + WELLNESS Summer care… R WRITTEN BY Dr. Nancy Palermo Lietz down there Rising temperatures and summer activities introduce new concerns for our private places. A little extra care and attention can prevent some of the summer’s less than welcome problems. the shifts in the environment that can be associated with irritation and odor. Going commando at night will give the perineal area a break from locked in moisture while sleeping. Moisture from the summer heat and bathing suits sets up an environment that can promote vaginal irritation and infections. It is a good habit to quickly change out of workout wear and wet bathing suits. The moisture can be conducive to the growth of yeast and irritation and inflammation. Consider changing your undergarments to a moisture wicking material. Shaving is a must when preparing for the teeny weenie bikini but this can often result in rashes and razor burn. Bacteria on the skin get trapped in hair follicles and cause the unsightly bumps and redness. After shaving, try cleaning the skin with an astringent to reduce the amount of bacteria. Repeat this daily. A mild moisturizer will keep the hair follicles from getting blocked. Using coconut oil after shaving can also be a great option. After cleaning the newly shaven skin with the astringent apply a thin layer of the oil. Coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties. Be sure to wear moisture wicking undergarments, especially after hair removal. Waxing and depilatories are also options for perineal hair removal. The same post-hair removal preventative tactics will be beneficial. n Avoid wearing panti-liners unless absolutely necessary. They increase moisture and odor. This moisture and increase in bacteria and yeast can cause skin breakdown and dermatitis. Cotton undergarments are always preferred. A new patented material found in Knock out! panties literally wicks away moisture and keeps skin dry and less susceptible to infections. Wearing these undergarments under clothes and work out wear will help to prevent JUNE JULY 2014 117