Peachy the Magazine June July 2014 - Page 115

FITNESS Paddle your way to core tness I I love SUP for the full body and low impact cross training it brings to my overall program. You will improve your balance and strength as you propel yourself forward while standing upright. SUP utilizes your arms, shoulders, back, legs, and most importantly, your core. Once you grasp the correct technique to paddling, your core back and abdominal muscles will take on the most work. It’s almost as if your core and abdominal muscles are “gripping” the board. As you get acquainted with SUPing, it’s like any WRITTEN BY Joseph Welling, Self Edge Fitness other vigorous exercise: It’s an excellent cardiovascular activity as well as being uplifting and relaxing in a way few other sports can match. We all know practice makes perfect and the best way to become good at SUP is to get on the board as much as possible. Although finding the time to get out on the water, or even being near water, can be difficult. Here are few tips on stability training and ways to work your core without leaving your home or gym. DO BICEP CURLS WHILE STANDING ON ONE LEG OR AN INVERTED BOSU BALL. This will force you to engage your core and not just your bicep. Perform this exercise while standing on an unstable surface. ATTEND YOGA OR PILATES CLASSES. Whether you are in a yoga class or sitting on a leg-extension machine, both are great for balance, core strength and stability. The idea is to engage your core as much as possible. JUNE JULY 2014 113