Peachy the Magazine Fall 2019 - Page 18

The interior designer on the project, Craig Tevolitz of Platemark Design, agrees saying, “The period feel of the architecture helped anchor the antique light fixtures, in particular the antique chandelier in the living room, which is quite dramatic.”  Craig and team member Elizabeth McCann chose Benjamin Moore’s “Lancaster Whitewash” so the vibrant color palette is apparent, as well as to keep the area “open, airy, and 16 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM cohesive.” Craig says the color palette is “what you witness outdoors—the water, foliage, and the colors at sunrise and sunset, when the sky is awash with pink, purple, red, and orange hues.”  Situated on the shore, the home is flooded with sunlight. Elizabeth says, “The window treatments help mitigate the strong light, and were significant in the overall interior design, especially in the bedrooms which can be rendered into complete darkness when needed.”