Peachy the Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 51

INSPIRATION and community stakeholders on a higher level. As Jackson has grown and changed, so has the OSC, which focuses on connecting with people that are liv- ing and working in Jackson. community to found objects and con- served public land. Event-goers recover found objects and work together to cre- ate temporary interactive installations in a public open space. The popular FoundSpace event also enables the Land Trust to engage the community. FoundSpace is a partner- ship with Jackson Hole Public Art and View22. The event explores the cross- roads of art and land and invites the community to participate in the artmak- ing process. The large-scale interac- tive installations created on protected properties link local artists and the View 22 is the ongoing collaborative project developed by the Land Trust that unites artists and conservation to cultivate a deeper sense of place in Jackson Hole while highlighting the role land conservation has played in shaping the valley’s private lands. It also raises awareness of the importance of open space protection for the area’s wildlife, community and artists.  FALL 2017 49