Peachy the Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 40

Jackson Hole bring a lot of fun to our Town Square. But we also love to shop at Stio to get the best out- door clothing in town, and Belle Cose to get that perfect gift for someone. Tom really loves spending time in Teton Knifeworks or in JD High Country Outfit- ters—always shopping for the next adventure! Belle Cose 48 East Broadway 307.733.2640 Teton Toys 10 East Broadway 307.200.6066 PLAY Stio (photo below) 10 East Broadway 307.201.1890 New West Knifeworks— Teton Knifeworks 98 Center Street, Unit C 877.258.0100 JD High Country Outfitters 50 East Broadway 307.733.3270 We love to hunt, fish and forage! So you will find us always looking for our next great meal in the wilds of Wyoming. We go bird hunting near some of our great rivers, fishing all around the valley and then hunting in the fall. Tom loves to hunt with Wolverine Creek Outfitters for the big game, and he enjoys fishing with WorldCast Anglers when hitting the rivers. In the spring and summer, you can find Catherine searching for mushrooms, berries and other edibles, as she loves to pair local wild food with food from her garden. Our favorite trails are anything along Teton Pass for fun during all seasons. Wolverine Creek Outfitters 307.654.8827 38 PEACHYTHEMAGAZINE.COM WorldCast Anglers 485 West Broadway 307.733.6934 Teton Pass