Peachy the Magazine Fall 2017 - Page 16

Contributors SYDNEY FARRIS On the Cusp Style A runner, style fashionista and blogger. She loves to shop for great finds, special pieces, and up-to-date looks whether it be edgy chic or school girl cool. NANCY PALERMO LIETZ, MD Health + Wellness An OB/GYN physician for 22 years, she recently left conven- tional medicine to practice functional medicine, which looks at the root cause of disease and aims to change outcomes through diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle fac- tors. Advocating a preventative, personalized approach to health care, she has trained in nutrition, alternative medicine and functional and preventative medicine. BEK MITCHELL-KIDD Contributing Editor and Partnership Director With almost 20 years of communications experience at some وH][۸&\ۋ\ٚ]Z\H\X[\[\\[YXH[[][]HZ[[ˈ]H\[ۈ܂ܚ][[ܞ][[Zܚۙ\]ܙ[[[][[\\\[[\][ۂ[H\XXXHXܚX\˂MPPUSPQVSK