Peachy the Magazine December 2013 - Page 58

North Greets South Art prevails in the house. Every vignette, every angle is dominated by the couple’s collection and the formal and less formal elements are married with artisan pieces. In the years spent in Charlotte, close relationships were forged with artists and gallery owners. Jerald Melberg, proprietor of Jerald Melberg Gallery, encouraged curiosity and learning about artists early on, and over the years helped acquire many of their pieces. Now the couple buys more confidently and independently, acquiring pieces on their travels and studio visits. Their decision to purchase a piece is informed by what intrigues them and if they have a visceral response. “[We have had a] long time relationship with the Melbergs,” the client said. “We love beautiful art and they have a great collection of well chosen artists.” Over the years the collection has grown and it is vast enough to fill three homes around the country. In the keeping room, vintage Casa Midi Opera chairs surround a walnut table. A cozy banquette invites informal dining and gatherings. The rich orange in the painting is a color that the owners have been fond of for many years and it is apparent throughout the house. 58 PEACHY