Peachy the Magazine December 2013 - Page 113

INSPIRATION 3,000 children a year. But it hasn’t stopped there. Demonstrating continued thoughtfulness, commitment and continued inspiration, Bright Blessings now provides baby showers at local homeless and domestic violence shelters, and reaches out to CharlotteMecklenburg Schools students through its School Services program. Volunteers play a vital role in this process. In one instance, they began to notice that more and more babies and toddlers were living in shelters, and, in particular, domestic violence shelters. New mothers who had no where else to turn were overlooked and underserved. They were arriving at shelters with little or nothing to help them care for their babies. Bright Blessing sprung into action and created the Bless-A-Baby showers and Baskets of Love. Each month volunteers fan out to distribute baskets filled with clothing, food, blankets, baby supplies and critical-care essentials, all wrapped with a large pink or blue bow. DECEMBER 2013 113