Peace & Stability Journal Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 38

PKSOI Support to Training and Education PKSOI Supports NATO Protection of Civilians Concept Development Workshop 7-9 February 2017 - PKSOI's John Winegardner and Lt. Col Andreas Hesselschwerdt participate in the NATO Protection of Civilians Concept Development Workshop at the United Kingdom Defense Academy in Shrivenham England. The first of three workshops focused on the first PoC concept Mitigat- ing Harm and experiment planning. The workshop also served as a networking platform for the subject matter experts working with these topics and forms a community of interest. PKSOI provides instructional support to the U.S. Military Observer Group (USMOG) 6 February 2017 - PKSOI's Professor Dwight Raymond partnered with the US Military Observer Group (USMOG) providing classes on peace operations to US military personnel preparing to deploy to the Mission des Nations Unies au Mali - MINUSMA UN Mission in Mali. The personnel will serve as advisors and staff personnel in MINUSMA and help fulfill the US pledge to double its UN personnel contributions at the 2015 Presidential summit on peacekeeping. PKSOI provides instruction at the Peace Sup- port Training Centre, Addis Ababa Ethiopia 8-12 November 2016 - PKSOI's Professor Dwight Raymond and Lt. Col. Norihisa Urakami provided classroom instruc- tion and subject matter expertise on the topic of Protection of Civilians including PoC Overview, PoC Mandates and Tasks, and case study practical exercises as part of a 2-week course on Conflict Management at the Ethiopian Peace Support Training Center (PSTC) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 36