Peace & Stability Journal Volume 7, Issue 1 - Page 33

by denouncing the veterans as traitors and vowing to put them on trial. 23 babwe-shuts-down-peaceful-protest-against-corruption-this- flag-harare 8 9 Mujuru declared her support for the veterans’ statement and said that there is now a need for unity in order to defeat Mug- bwe-whatsapp-blackout_us_577e7398e4b01edea78cbc9f ; abe and Zanu-PF. In the event that Mugabe dies prior to the 24 2018 election, members of Zanu-PF are positioning for either bwe-shuts-down-peaceful-protest-against-corruption-this- Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa or Mugabe’s wife, Grace flag-harare 10 Mugabe, to succeed him. 25 bwe-mugabe-protests-harare.html?_r=0 11 Mujuru has already garnered significant national support, 12 suggesting that a ZPF coalition with MDC with Mujuru as a strong candidate leading into the 2018 election, regardless of tests-sponsored-say s-anc-2044533 13 whether or not Mugabe remains in the contest. 26 gime-blames-zimbabwes-economic-woes-international-sanc- Kayley Morrison interned tions-1571170 14 with PKSOI in Summer 2016, assisting in developing a new to-bring-down-the-zimbabwe-government-6011245/ 15 analytic method for assessing transnational organized crime mujuru-zimbabwes-former-vice-president-forms-new-party-to- challenge-robert-mugabes-zanu-pf-a6905721.html and in drafting a white paper 16 on the method and a mono- 17 graph on intelligence sharing mujuru-zimbabwes-former-vice-president-forms-new-party-to- in UN peacekeeping mission environments. She wrote this challenge-robert-mugabes-zanu-pf-a6905721.html 18 quick-turnaround forecast of Zimbabwe through December ple-first-mugabe-must-go-nations-engagement/3422988.html 2017 as a reference for PKSOI's SOLLIMS knowledge base . She will graduate in 2017 with a BA in Intelligence 19 ple-first-mugabe-must-go-nations-engagement/3422988.html Studies from Mercyhurst University. 20 21 Notes: ans-denounce-dictatorial-mugabe/ 1 22 robert-mugabes-zimbabwe-election-victory-was-a-master- ans-denounce-dictatorial-mugabe/ 23 class-in-electoral-fraud-8744348.html 2 tests-idUSKCN1030GV 24 bwe1 3 ru-backs-war-veterans/ 25 robert-mugabes-zimbabwe-election-victory-was-a-master- tests-idUSKCN1030GV class-in-electoral-fraud-8744348.html 4 26 gime-blames-zimbabwes-economic-woes-internation- tions-done/ al-sanctions-1571170 ; entry/zimbabwe-whatsapp-blackout_us_577e7398e4b01e- dea78cbc9f; bwe-whatsapp-blackout_us_577e7398e4b01edea78cbc9f 5 gime-blames-zimbabwes-economic-woes-international-sanc- tions-1571170 6 7 31