Peace & Stability Journal Peace & Stability Journal, Volume 6, Issue 4 - Page 30

PKSOI Support to Training and Education PKSOI Supports the Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa 13-14 July 2016 - PKSOI's Japanese Officer Lt. Col. Norihisa Urakami rekindles a strategic relationship with the Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA) while presenting at their training and capacity building workshop. Egypt has an increasingly influential regional role in peace operations, and recently committed to a leadership position within the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers (IAPTC). PKSOI Supports CoESPU and the Italian Post Conflict Operations Center 13-19 June 2016 - PKSOI's COL Carter Oates and Mr Tony Lieto conducted coordination meetings with the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (COESPU) in Vicenza, Italy. They also provided course instruction at the Italian Post Conflict Operations Study Center (IPCOSC) in Turin Italy. PKSOI provides instruction on Stability Operations twice a year to the Italian post Conflict Operations Center as directed by the US-Italian staff talks. PKSOI provides instruction at the Peace Support Training Centre, Addis Ababa Ethiopia 1-16 June 2016 - At the request of the Ethiopian Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) and the request of the Joint Staff Office, Japan Ministry of Defence (MOD), PKSOI's Lt. Col. Norihisa Urakami supported the Conflict Prevention Course at the PSTC and provided technical assistance and instruction on the Rule of Law and other various UN peacekeeping related tasks. Through a continued lasting relationship with the PSTC PKSOI receives situation updates on the AU mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and reviews on stability in East Africa. 28