Peace & Stability Journal Peace & Stability Journal, Volume 6, Issue 4 - Page 19

a viable and stable government, and whose security enhance would have a direct impact on U.S. national interests. learn the PN’s “experience of justice;” develop/enhance their systems of accountability, i.e., transparency, accountability, and oversight (TAO). The concept of legitimacy can be greatly Based on detailed discussions between this experienced group accelerated by introducing rule of law and human rights early in of practitioners and researchers, WG 4 strongly believed the fol- the process, and by ensuring unity of command for all SFA mislowing considerations must be incorporated into policy, stratesions with the understanding that each development initiative gy, doctrine, training, education, and exercises to enable the U.S. effects all other programs. to better conduct SFA-type missions: -Take into account the diversity of tempo/synchronization of -Conduct a thorough assessments of the PN’s most effective development between echelons of command, and between the practices in safety, public security, and justice, and develop levels of assistance being provided to the partner nation, i.e., around those existing capabilities, while also taking into consid- between the Executive, Generating, and Operating (E-G-O) eration the second and third order effects of any SFA developfunctions. There must be symbiotic relationships and commument initiative. nication feedback loops between the Executive/Generating/ Operating functions as well the Strategic/Operational/Tactical -Incorporate as many different perspectives as possible in the levels. planning for SFA missions, especially from disenfranchised groups (e.g., increase diversity to include women, different -Develop and initiate the PN’s approach to vetting their interethnic groups, and social/psychological/anthropological pronal security forces, and establish guidelines f "&V66Ɩr fW762FW&RW7B&RFVw&2&&FVW73FP&6V7WFr6V7W&Gf&6RV&W'2ffVB7&W2v7@&6W7B&R6W6fRbFW&W7FVB7FVFW'2FRV6RFRW7B66FW"vWFW"W7F6RFWfVVB2f&RF"&R( ƧW7F6RB&V66ƖFVvF7W7B&R6FWGVƗVBF6B&Vv&26֗76( FBW6W2G&6FW22&R&&FR঒RFVFgFR7F&666ƗF6V6W2bFR66WGp