PDXScene Magazine February 2019 - Page 36

DOES FINE ART HAVE A PENIS PROBLEM? By L.A. “Larry” Iversen Celebration of the Male Form show in January, as well as Kinkfest, Seattle Erotic Arts Fest, and the occasional There are those who love art, but show at one or another niche venue around town, draw a line at nudes. There are we get to see from time to time some very pleasing those who appreciate nudes, but only when they’re and thoughtful artwork in this vein. And there are “tasteful” — many fine, which is really accomplished just socially artists both acceptable in the area code for and around “sanitized” the world (that is, not who tackle explicitly this subject showing matter... head genitalia). But on. Second, even among the world is those with an actually awash appreciation for with images the raw energy of the penis of the explicit — breaking nude, there is through what’s a line beyond considered which an “socially overwhelming acceptable” majority still (even by the will not cross… most accepting standard), we Fine art has a encounter a penis problem, vast, generally and it has more unexamined to do with you, trove of than you think. subterranean vulgarity, of which porn Before I go and the further, let me phenomenon acknowledge of the “dick two things: pic” are at the First, there forefront. are penises in “Too Much Penis” by Pablito So where’s the classical and disconnect? fine art. For Why is it such an uphill battle for a serious artist to anyone fortunate enough to make it to Angst Gallery’s Page 36 PDXScene Magazine - February 2019