PDXScene Magazine February 2019 - Page 10

A look inside.... for my girlfriend and our friend it would be their first time taking in the show. I knew from my previous experience to spring for the VIP seating, not just to get great front row seats, but also to get the gift bags from the sponsors of Whoopee!, full of swag worth so much more than the cost of the tickets. By Michael Love Images by Amanda Contois of Beautiful Aberration 1 I think it’s pretty incredible this little love child that Amory With all of the clubs, organizations, Jane 2 and Lady Coquine 3 have put and events that we have, Portland is together… to give the local Sex Positive community quickly establishing itself as the sex positive hub of the a creative voice to express themselves and create world. Last weekend we were given a great example awareness. of just exactly what that means. Billed as a sex positive variety show, Whoopee! offers Saturday night my girlfriend, another close friend, shows that are limited only to the imagination of and I attended Whoopee! A Sex Positive Variety Show performers like Nox Falls, Sir Cupcake 4 , Rakeem, Lola at the Bossanova Ballroom. I had been before, but Whoopee! A Sex Positive Variety Show Sir Cupcake - @thesircupcake Page 10 PDXScene Magazine - February 2019 Nightmare Ada - @w1tchprinc3