PDXScene Magazine December 2018 - Page 16

Santa is Coming! A reader submitted Erotic Christmas Story By Max Treehonk Holly stepped through the glass doors of her office building into the bracing night air. A half an inch of pristine, new snow crunched under the heels of her boots, as she hurried to her car. Was she motivated by the cold, or was it excitement for the holiday? She smiled to herself as she tried to decide. Yes, she welcomed the embrace of her heated leather seats as she pulled out of the parking garage, but she definitely felt her heart in her chest as she anticipated the evening to come. A familiar tingle made her squirm in her seat and she laughed out loud, “Excitement it is!” Festive lights cast warm reflections in the windows of her apartment building lobby. It took several attempts for her key to find the keyhole in the mailbox. A deep breath calmed her shaking hands. “Looks like we got our white Christmas this year, eh Holly?” It was her downstairs neighbor, Kris. On a normal night she would have welcomed some small talk, she liked Kris... but tonight she was preoccupied. “Yes,” She said, “It’s beautiful!” Holly gathered her mail and locked the box. Kris lingered. “So I was wondering,” he began, “I’m having a little get together tonight for Christmas Eve, and I thought maybe if you wanted to come by…” Holly cut him off, “Kris, that sounds fun, but I can’t tonight, Santa is coming!” She turned and started up the staircase, “Have a good night!” She whisked into her apartment, out of breath from the stairs. Her keys and mail hit the table, a flick of the light switch illuminated the tree in the corner, and a quick thumb on the remote started the music. She turned on the oven on her way to the bedroom to change, and lit some candles on the table on her way back out. Cookie dough from the fridge went into the oven and she watched the falling snow from the window as she drank a glass of wine. The aroma of cookies cooling on the counter filled the room as she poured another glass of wine and started a bath. A fizzy bath bomb, Page 16 some lotion, and a new nighty (red of course) left only one more thing to do. A plate of cookies and a glass of milk on the coffee table completed the scene. Holly sank into her couch, twinkling Christmas lights and flickering candles danced the shadow of the tree on the wall as she waited for him to arrive. Somewhere between the wine and the music, she let herself drift off. She felt him in the room before she was fully aware. She faintly smelled baking bread, sensed a shadow over her, and heard a whisper… © Galina Tcivina | Dreamstime.com “I see you when you’re sleeping…” peppermint breath and a soft beard touched her ear, then the flick of a warm tongue opened her eyes, “And I know when you’re awake…” He was there at last! She turned and offered her mouth to him, her red lips parting to accept his kiss. Her fingers toiled in his silky beard as she pulled his face toward her, drinking him in. He tasted like candy canes. The warmth of his body relaxed her, a peaceful wave of comfort and joy washed over her as she pulled him onto her, pressing into the couch under his weight. PDXScene Magazine - December 2018