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Get Life Moving in the Right Direction with Reiki Many people think that Reiki is just for destressing or helping the body to heal. In my Reiki practice I see a lot of people who just feel stuck. They want more in life, to move on, chose a new direction or release a feeling of dread, but they feel as if they are frozen in place. Reiki can help on the emotional/mental levels as well to bring balance so that you can reach your goals. It is helpful when you are ready to set a new direction in life. How does this work? Reiki helps to balance our body’s energy. When we are in a funk, sick or stuck in an emotionally negative place, our energy is dimin- ished and we just don’t feel like doing anything. Our motivation is lost because there is no energy to fire up the mind, emotions, and body to get us where we want to go – somewhere better than this. Reiki helps to clear out the scattered energies that keep us feeling weighted down. Reiki also balances our energy centers, brings clarity to our foggy minds, and lifts our emotions to a positive place that supports moving forward in life. Reiki can be transformational for those who are willing to move out of their past and into a positive future. Many clients dealing with stress feel: scattered, frag- mented, or falling apart after being sick for a while or from surgery or an accident. Or they are healing from the death of a loved one or an unexpected life change. Reiki clears the scattered energy in their heads, pulls together the fragmented energies all over their body, and the energy gets things moving again that was once frozen in place. Reiki can help anyone wanting to let go of the past, create healthy habits, release stress, set a new direction in life, to have greater clarity, or to just get unstuck. There are no magic pills from the doctor to get un- frozen. Reiki is a natural way to move into the life that we so desire. – Dawn Fleming, Reiki Master http://www.energytransformations.org reikidawn@yahoo.com Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Is Your Energy Low? Are You Feeling Stressed or Dealing with Health Issues? R EIKI just might be what you need to kick start your healing process! Reiki is a natural way to restore health & well-being, and it feels good too! Reiki Master Dawn Fleming has over 28 years experience working with clients with a variety of health issues. Dawn’s office is conveniently located in PCC.  
 Visit her website at: http://www.energytransformations.org She invites you to read the testimonials of how her clients have had health improvements addressing a range of health issues. You Want to Feel This Good ! What are you waiting for? Make an appointment and receive $15 off your first session.  
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