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The Sky This Month Welcome to our night-time sky. Please enjoy this month’s tidbits of knowledge. We are lucky to live in a dark-sky area where the heavens can shine through. I hope you enjoy the sky and perhaps learn a thing or two. Happy star gazing! The Visual Planets – This March is a great month for viewing locally, and by that I mean the objects that are near to us. Starting on the evening of March 1 st , the first full Moon of the month is visible. Coming up next are the supe- rior planets, which are the ones farther from the Sun. From March 7-10, the Moon will glide by Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. If you look to the east just before sunrise, you will see Saturn near the horizon, then Mars a little higher, and then Jupiter a little higher. Next up are the inferior planets, which are the ones closer to the Sun. J