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Opinion’s Deceptive Journey A few nights ago, I had an enjoy- ably in depth conversation with one of my remaining best friends. We dis- cussed those remarkable experiences throughout our lives that kept redefin- ing who we really are. Along with his sixty years as a Catholic Priest, he still shares our common sense and rational Larry Wonderling reasoning regarding those powerful experiences in our long lives with those unexpected influ- ences. As a youth, my personal concerns became the purpose of our existence with such questions as what happens to our psyche, conscience, and accumulated memories when we physically die? Of course such questions remain unanswer- able, yet faith, as an indelible trust in another tomorrow, is a genuine, unrelenting promise as psychologically binding as any factual truth! Another vital conviction I’ve personally acquired during a DEAR MEMBERS:   First I want to thank you for voting for me to be re-elect- ed to the Board of Directors.  I appreciate your vote.   We all need to pay attention to the speed limit.  We have a lot of construction trucks coming through the sub- division that drive over the 25 mph speed limit. Please mention to any workmen you hire that they must obey the speed limit.  There are a number of elderly people who take their daily walk and are at risk of being hit by a vehicle.  Again, the speed limit is 25 not 35 or 40 mph.   The Board would like to invite you to attend our meet- ings.  On May 5 at 6pm there will be a General Member- ship Meeting held at the POA office, where the members can express their concerns.   Thank you for making this a great place to live   Mary Kloeppel   Health & Safety Chairperson  life of those inevitable trials and errors remain our pervasive human imperfections. This might be the most enlightening insight in my adult life, and a major incentive for the remain- der this article! Human perfection is no doubt a myth, yet denied by most of life’s leaders who may believe in order to effectively lead, the notion of perfection is vital! So why is imperfection dan- gerous? My personal answer still consists of a few simple words: because it’s too often denied. Clearly experiencing our human imperfections, their re- sultant mistakes, and blunders tend to persist throughout our lives. As helpless infants, with no control over our choice of parents, we began our individual journeys with only genetic predispositions and parents who may or may not even have wanted a newborn. Should we survive into adolescence, our developmental successes and failures may well depend on those endless opinions from significant others, including our parents. From our young adulthood on, we continue to be inextricably influenced by those opinions throughout the re- mainder of our lives.      Our birth scenario into adulthood may hopefully remind us just how fragile and utterly dependent we are on those verbal communication influences in our lives. By that time, many of those fading opinions have subtly become our beliefs, convic- tions, even prejudices and dogmas—our personal opinions. In my aging efforts to overcome many of those seductive influences of right vs. wrong beliefs, I seem to have acquired a pragmatic lifestyle of common sense. This is typically de- fined as emphasizing practical consequences, with meaning- ful realistic truths and values rather than abstruse, unverifi- able theories and excessively bigoted principles. Now in my twilight years, I’m grateful for our humanitarian feelings of empathy and desire to help the needy. Admittedly, I also personally smile in realizing that by now our major “profound” beliefs probably developed from those rambling opinions we learned from others throughout our lives. – Larry Wonderling, Ph.D. Email: capfound@aol.com pccnews  March 2018  7