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Horse Adoption Cat of the Month Mary Beth is a petite do- mestic short Introducing Missy hair Tortoise- She is a beautiful 17-year-old bay shell Tabby mare. Her breeding is possibly Female who was born 11-25-12.  She is very quarter horse & Morgan. Her owner sweet and quite playful.  She is outgoing and not passed away and she needs to be shy about seeking attention. She comes right up rehomed. In the last few years the to people to get petted.  She doesn’t like to be owner was not able to give Missy the held, but as can be seen in the photo, she obvi- care she needed. ously doesn’t mind sitting on your shoulder!  She The owner’s sister, who now owns Missy, used to sleep in the bed at night with her former is trying to bring her back to her former self. Missy is friendly and loves attention. She has been trained, but has not been ridden 94-year-old owner who passed away and left poor in quite a while, she needs to go to a home with experienced horse people. She has Mary Beth to find a new, loving home.  She is OK not been bred and at her age, should not be. She has been left alone, without attention with friendly dogs, but would like to be the only cat. and stimulation. She loves to be with people and wants attention. Mary Beth tested negative for disease, she recent- Here are some of the things that have been done so far: 1. Professional farrier was out and worked on her hooves two different times to put her more in balance. ly had her teeth cleaned, she is spayed and she is 2. A vet specializing in horse care has brought her UTD on shots and deworming. litter box trained. 3. The vet floated her teeth and verified that she is in good health. If you can give this SWEET GIRL a good, loving, 4. A professional horse chiropractor adjusted her back and hips. He said she was of good breeding. 5. Trained by a wonderful horse trainer, Ned Leigh, she is very smart and willing to please and did whatever was asked of her. INDOOR, FOREVER home, she will give you all 6. She needs strength training to get her muscles back in shape so she can be ridden. the Unconditional Love she has to give and will There will be a rehoming fee of $500. PURR YOU A LOVE SONG. As you can imagine this is all very expensive, we want to make sure Missy has what she needs to be the best she can. If you would like to make a donation to help with Missy’s rehabilitation expenses please contact Mary at 928-775-5037 or To meet/adopt Mary Beth, please contact United chinomary46@yahoo.com. If you have any questions or are interested in giving Missy a new home please contact: Ella at Animal Friends, Ruth, 928-379-1088 or Allie, 928-771-2862 or ellas.beagles@gmail.com. 928-632-5144. pccnews  March 2018  25