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PV Chamber Report As a champion for a stronger and more vibrant Prescott Valley, the Chamber of Commerce will sup- port and share in celebration activities for the Town’s 40 th anniversary of its incorporation.  Activities are planned throughout the year with a huge celebration in August, the month of incorporation. Business has been the backbone of the community since its early beginnings and provided a foundation for the ultimate growth and development.  In 1974 the Chamber was a small business association which in- corporated to “unite businessmen in the Prescott Valley area located in Yavapai County, State of Arizona, and to encourage civic improvements within said commu- nity, to promote and organize community improvement and betterment activities.”  The Chamber was here in the beginning and stands today at the catalyst for busi- ness and economic development growth, a convener of leaders and influencers to contribute and support prosperity and a champion for all community assets, organizations and industry in Prescott Valley. The Prescott Valley Chamber will embrace the “Ruby” signifying 40 years with its annual Prescott Valley Days, May 10-13, and invites everyone to “fol- Chamber mixers bring business and community together. Contact us at 772-8857 for information on joining our dynamic group. low the yellow brick road” for the annual fun event.  As we look back over the past 40 years and the incred- ible growth, development and planning for Prescott Valley…we can truly see the roads in Prescott Valley are paved with gold.  For activities and fun visit the Chamber’s website at pvchamber.org or the Town of Prescott Valley at pvaz.net. Welcome to our newest Chamber members:  Ablaze Media, Rilobertos, Paper Trail, Kastle Keepers, Elect Jodi Rooney LD1, Bear Creek Real Estate and Proper- ty Management, Heartland Payment Systems, Friends of Walt Nagy.   – Marnie Uhl, IOM, ACE    President/CEO    Prescott Valley    Chamber of Commerce pccnews  March 2018  19