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A Taste of Wine Why is wine so expensive? There are three major traits to expensive wine and they are oak, time and ter- roir. The most coveted wines in the world age their wines in oak, and many use new oak. Putting wine in an oak barrel does two things. It adds oak ‘flavors’ to a wine (such as vanilla and bak- ing spice) and it exposes the wine to oxygen. Oxygen makes the tannins become less intense and the taste of the wine become smoother. Since oxygen permeates through the barrels, some of the wine inside also evapo- rates at a rate of about 2% per year. This evaporation is called the ‘angel’s share’ but the result is that the wine in the barrel tastes more concentrated. “The older the better.” This is the assumption when it comes to wine; however this mainly pertains to red wine. It is important to understand what time really adds to certain wines to make them taste better. Time changes the taste of the fruit flavors in a wine as well as reduces the acidity and tannin in a wine. A well aged wine has fruit notes that lean more towards dried fruits and stewed fruits; they are much more subtle. As the acidity and tannin are reduced, the wine becomes rounder and smoother.   Terroir is how a particular region’s climate, soils and aspect (terrain) affect the taste of wine. Every great winemaker admits that great wine is made in the vine- yard. To make great grapes, wineries focus on reducing yields (e.g. making their vines produce less grapes) so that the resulting wines are more intense. The location of where the grapes are grown also matters. It has been noted time and time again that the best vineyards tend to be in an area where the vines struggle to produce grapes. For example, good grapes tend to grow on a hill with low-nutrient soils versus in fertile soils on flat lands closer to a river.   Packaging, marketing, importing, and distributing wines are a huge factor in the cost as well, but not as much fun to discuss so I have skipped those details.   Happy March and Happy Tasting! – Nancy Biggs, Wine Aficionada !!We’ve moved!! New Address Effective December 4th Randall Chiropractic Dr. Michael P. Randall 1101 N Old Chisholm Trail, Ste. A Dewey, Arizona (sill serving PCC) Call for appointment 928-775-7221 (Formerly Agua Fria Health Center) 14  March 2018  pccnews