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Jewelry Reflections Spring Green Say March and immediately most people think St. Patrick’s Day, spring and green. Spring and green make me think of these stunning gemstones. Emerald is at the top of the list of green gems. It has been treasured for its lush green hue since antiquity. The first known emerald mines were in Egypt and date from 330 B.C. It is believed that emeralds reveal the truth and protect against evil spirits. It is also the stone of fertility and rebirth. Green Garnet comes in two different mineral types, grossular and andradite. Tsavorite is a highly sought after gem-quality green grossular garnet that rivals Emerald in color. Demantoid is a rare green andradite garnet that has the sparkle of a diamond. Green garnet is a stone of confidence and service. Peridot ranges in color from yellow/green to deep chartreuse. It has been mined as early as 1500 B.C. and is the national gem of Egypt. In artificial light, it glows a brilliant green and thus has been na med “Evening Emerald.” It is thought to promote wealth and power, and to ward against nightmares and jealous thoughts. Prehnite, a beautiful apple-green stone, was first de- scribed in 1788 in South Africa. It is named after Colo- nel Hendrik von Prehn (1733-1785), a mineralogist and early governor of the Dutch colony at the Cape of Good Hope. Prehnite is thought to enhance inner knowledge and is called the stone of unconditional love. Serpentine, a green mineral sometimes mottled like the skin of a snake, is not one mineral but a group of minerals with the same chemical formula but different structures or crystal lattices. Serpentine has been used for jewelry, ornamental carvings and in architecture for centuries. Because it can be similar in appearance to Jade, it is sometimes called “New Jade.” Serpentine is said to help you find inner peace and balance mood swings. Add a little spring to your wardrobe with beautiful green gems. – Lynn Schmitt Lynn@SlinkyLynnxChic.com Celebrating 13 Years in the Country Club ~ Thank You! “When you expect the best” Joan DeLabio & Annie pccnews  March 2018  13