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EXECUTIVE D i r e c t o r M e s s a g e One Year and Counting CARLA THARP BROWN Wow! It’s been one year since I received a call from our Immediate Past President, John Whittles with an offer to become the third Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Bar Association, after long time Executive Director, Patience Burns retired. So much has happened in a short period of time. I’ve attended over one hundred meetings and events, to include my first bar prom, where our first African American Female President, Rosalyn Sia Baker-Barnes was sworn in. I’ve experienced two hurricanes, Mathew and Irma and the most significant event, the horrific burning of our bar building. What a humbling and challenging beginning? However, with all of these taxing occurrences, I’m proud to be among some of the most caring and resilient people. The day of the bar building fire, the Board of Directors and the Staff reacted quickly to the immediate needs of our members. This permitted all scheduled events, meetings and CLE Seminars to continue without interruption. Recently, I learned our response was so rapid, that the devastation of the situation was almost masked to our members and many did not realize the seriousness of the situation until weeks later. As I reminisce, I also must begin to anticipate a year of great expectations with the following goals in mind; keeping the traditions of our historical achievements without losing site of meeting the future needs of our members as the legal landscape continues to evolve. I challenge you to stay involved and continue to serve one another and our community in this new year! BOARD M e e t i n g A t t e n d a n c e 2017-2018 JULY AUGUST BARNES X X CALLOW X X HUBER X X LEWIS X X MASON X McELROY X REAGAN X SMITH, G. X X SMITH, S. PHONE WHITTLES X X WYDA X X XENICK X PALMBEACHBAR.ORG 5