PBCBA BAR BULLETINS pbcba_bulletin_december 2017 - Page 32

PALM BEACH BAR BULLETIN ADVERTISING RATE SHEET advertising deadline: please note that advertising space closes 6 weeks prior to publication date available display sizes 1/4 PAGE AD: standard 3.675"x5" 1/3 PAGE AD: 2.5"x10" vertical | 5" x5" horizontal 2/3 PAGE AD: 5.0"x10" vertical Advertisers who purchase an insertion for 3 mos. receive a 10% discount, 15% for 6 mos. and 20% for 11months 1/2 PAGE AD: 7.625"x5" horizontal | 5"x7.625" vertical FULL PAGE AD: 7.625"x10.125" deadli )Ѡɥѕ)Յ)ٕȀ)Յ)Ȁ)ɍ)Յ)ɥ)Յ))ɍ)չ)ɥ)ձ՝)չ)͕ѕ)ձ)ѽ)՝Ѐ)ٕ)͕ѕȀ))ѽȀ(%ѡє́)ݕȁ䰁Չͥ)ɔՔѡЁمͥ))=U 1A(؉Ԉ)  , =YH(ԉԈ)A Չѥ)ɥѕѼ)ȁѽɹ̰Ց̰)ɽͥ́)ѡȁՉ͍ɥ̸)Q́́əЁ݅Ѽ)ɕՕѥɽ)́ݡѡ)͕٥́ԁɽ٥)͕ѥɅѕ)嵕́ЁɕٕՉͥ+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z+Z)ͥ销((((ļ(ԸԸ((ļ(ܸи(ĸ(ļ(ԸԸ((ȼ(Ըܸܸ()ձ(ܸиĸ(ȵձܸиĸ)ܸиĸ)ͥԸԸ)ձ+Z؁ܸ̀и(ĸ(ձ+Z؁ՅɅѕЀ+Z؁ͥԸ(Aɥ́ՉЁѼݥѡЁѥ)ȀɜͽȀɜ