PBCBA BAR BULLETINS pbcba_bulletin_december 2017 - Page 26

Aaron Bass, (Puja from Moral and Lopez), Judd Koenig Lyle Platt Judge Hedler and Marc Golden Panelists Ken Ehrlich, Judge Gregory Johnsen, Jerry McKim, Hillarey McCall and Lloyd Basso Nicole Hessen, Judge Johnsen, Judge Stephenson and Judge Hedler Panelists Judge Owens, Christine Tomasello, Judge Hedler, Judge Johnsen and Judge Stephenson Panelists Judge Hedler, Aaron Bass, Lou Pfeffer, Brian Vassallo and David Rigell. Ken Schwartz, Nicole Hessen and Judge Timothy Basquill (ret.) Andy Borah and Paul Luger Suzanna Scarborough and Nicole Roero, Kelly Schaet and Paolo Longo Alicia Kobasky and Mark D’Amore Marc Golden, Kurt Wyland and Aaron Bass Lyle Platt, Ken Ehrlich and Bruce Burk PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 26