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PROFESSIONALISM C o r n e r The Pink Elephant in the Office (con’t.) The firm might offer to underwrite or share the cost of treatment to the extent not covered by insurance—an investment that promises a far greater return. The firm should assure the troubled colleague that he will retain his position with the firm if he follows through—but only if he follows through. His colleagues can assure him that his admitting his problem and seeking help will be seen as admirable, courageous, and responsible. Addiction is a disease, not a moral failure or lack of discipline. It is a disease that can go into complete remission with proper course of treatment. The options are varied and many. ALEXANDER “SANDY” MYERS, ESQUIRE Mediator/Arbitrator (Admitted to the FL Bar 1970) v Florida Bar Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer (1983-2007) v Florida Certified: Circuit Civil Mediator (1998-Present) Family Mediator (1998-Present) v Florida Qualified Arbitrator (1991-Present) v FINRA Approved Arbitrator v Practice Now Limited to Attorney Represented Cases Only v No Travel Charges Within Palm Beach County v No Charge for Pleading/Review v $250 per hour/2-hour minimum v Florida Bar A.D.R. Section Executive Council Member v Florida Bar Fee Arbitration/Fee Mediation Dispute Panel In the end, everyone wins. The firm will have the satisfaction of knowing that it has protected its clients, has protected itself, and has done what it can to save a career, save a family, and save a life. That is the ethical, practical, and humanitarian thing to do. That is a hallmark of professionals. 1665 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd., Ste. 1000 West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Cell (561) 758-7300 Email: SandyMyersMediation@gmail.com Providing professional & personal service to home buyers & sellers throughout Palm Beach County. A ctive member of the F lorida Bar & Palm Beach County Bar A ssociation SETH HONOWITZ 56 l .262.0726 seth@leibowitzrealty.com LEIBOWITZ !REALTY GROUPI www .leibowitzrea lty .com PALMBEACHBAR.ORG 22