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ADR Committee presents Cash Awards during Student Awareness Day Bar President Sia Baker-Barnes (far right) and ADR Chair Rosine Plank-Brumback (far left) congratulate and award cash prizes to high school students on their winning essays on “Mediation, Civility and the Power of Understanding.” The ceremony took place last month during Student Awareness Day at Park Vista High School. Also attending the event were local Holocaust survivors on the occasion of the 79th commemoration of Kristallnacht. A special thank you to Ted Deckert, Immediate Past ADR Chair, who organized the contest in conjunction with the ABA Mediation Week theme. NATURALIZATION CEREMONY No doubt participating in a recent Naturalization Ceremony will be one of the highlights of Sia’s presidency. On a beautiful October day, more than 48 people from 23 countries were sworn in as American citizens by U.S. Federal Judge James Hopkins. As a special addition to the ceremony, 24 students from Inlet Grove High School attended and participated in the ceremony. Judge Hopkins explained that this will be his final swearing in ceremony before his retirement in March, and that he is honored to be a part of this great American experience. Judge Hopkins shared a special film about the Independence of the Judiciary with the students. Sia welcomed our new neighbors with words of support. Students sang the National Anthem, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and read letter of support and congratulations to our newest citizens. The program, part of the You’ve Been Served Initiative, was designed to expose students to our Court system and enhance their civics education. Before the event, the student studied and took the Naturalization exam. Special thanks the Judge Hopkins, Judge Rosenberg and the Court staff for making this a very special experience for the students. PBCBA President Sia Baker-Barnes Maria Morrison, Sia Baker-Barnes, Moses Baker, Jr. & Judge James Hopkins PBCBA BAR BULLETIN 10