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JUDICIAL PROFILE C o r n e r Judge Gerard Joseph (“Joe”) Curley MEREDITH I. BIGGS Putting others first is a character trait Judge Joe Curley learned from an early age. Judge Curley was raised in St. Petersburg, Florida by two loving parents. His father, Gerard (“Jerry”) Curley, was Judge Curley’s role model. Jerry Curley, a real estate developer and entrepreneur, had a passion for serving the poor through his lifelong work at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This passion left an imprint on Judge Curley, as did his father’s legacy of faith, devotion to family, and intense work ethic. Judge Curley’s faith is at the center of his life and he is a family man to the core. Judge Curley often talks about his family and always with a smile. He and his wife have four kids, one grandchild, and two dogs. Judge Curley has always made time for his family even when time was scarce, often seen working on the sidelines of baseball games or taking phone calls while riding in the car to the zoo. When he’s not with his family (or working), Judge Curley is an avid – and competitive – golfer. Judge Curley first learned golf as a sophomore in high school and joined the school’s golf team. After graduating high school in 1978, Judge Curley went to Stetson University for a year until he received a golf scholarship to the University of Notre Dame, to his father’s great delight. Jerry Curley had an unfulfilled life dream of going to Notre Dame and, when his son was accepted to the school, was beside himself. When Judge Curley obligingly accepted the school’s invitation, he did not anticipate how his experience at Notre Dame would quickly become part of his own life dream as well. Fighting Irish paraphernalia seems to magically appear wherever Judge Curley goes. After graduating from Notre Dame, Judge Curley bravely adventured to Oklahoma to work on an oil rig and then at a grain elevator to take, according to him, “so